[Scribus] Perl Script for anyone who wants it...

Peter Nermander m8130
Fri Oct 21 07:02:43 CEST 2005

>     Last night a friend of mine designed a small perl script that would
> correctly print out the page order for booklet printing - and I expanded
> it to create and run a the impose command from the multivalent suite.

That's about the same as I did for pstops (which is on the wiki):-)

I have been thinking of doing something similar for multivalent, but since
multivalent does not work the same way as pstops I haven't began looking at it).

I really think the approach my script uses would be better off used directly in
Scribus, if it only had the possibility to include a page from another file into
a frame (for arbitrary rotation and positioning). Multivalent only uses its
grid, so if the pages do not fit the "boxes" in the grid you will get them
incorrectly adjusted within the grid.

One question though, does it automatically sense the number of pages? Of do you
have to tell it the number of pages?


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