[Scribus] Re: problem with PDF

Andreas Vox avox
Wed Oct 19 23:05:37 CEST 2005

Gustavo wrote:
>  > The printer supports Postscript (HP2550L), so there are no driver
> > > filters
> > > involved.
> >
> > Hm, 13.7 Megs for a 2-page-PDF? Maybe you need more memory in your
> > HP2550L printer?
> >
> What makes you think that is the problem ?

Well, if all programs like the PDF file, that's not the problem. 
Apparently Scribus, AR 5 and kghostview produce reasonable PS for your 
printer (Scribus does this directly, AR 5 with its print driver, 
kghostview probably uses pdf2ps). Only the PS generated with the PS 
driver in AR 7 does not work.
 From your debug output I gather that the job is sent to your printer as 
PS correctly, but then for some reason a cancel is performed. I've no 
clue why this happens, but out-of-memory is quite common and is always 
my first guess when the PS was created by proven programs like AR or 

> (since it prints well from other programs, and even from Acrobat 7 it 
> has
> printed PDFs of comparable size).

Hm. Of course I only know the size of the PDF file. Did you check how 
large the PS file gets when you print to file from AR 7? Even if the 
size is comparable, the internal structure of the PS file might make a 


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