[Scribus] Success stories and such

Bobby Warren robwar0100
Wed Oct 19 06:21:48 CEST 2005

Is there a term to address Scribus users? Something like Scribus-ites or some
such thing?

Anyway, a friend of mine from church who started a Linux Users Group in
Wooster, OH (WooLUG),  introduced me to Linux and the world of Open Source
Software. I recently ditched Windows 98SE in favor of SuSE 9.3 with KDE.

When I tossed Windows out the window (yes, pun intended), I no longer had use
of PageMaker 6.5. So, I searched for an OSS DTP.

Enter Scribus.

I have been using it to redesign our church's newsletter. While at times it
takes me a little longer to do things with Scribus, overall I believe I have
greater control of the page elements because of its use of frames,
particularly text frames.

With the version of PageMaker I used, there was never any easy and clean way
to create columns with running text. With Scribus, I can can stretch a text
frame and set the number of columns and the size of the gutters in the
properties box.

Because I am doing a total redesign of the newsletter, I do not yet have
anything to show, but like others I want to add my kudos to the developers of

Keep up the good work,

Bobby Warren
Wooster, Ohio, USA

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