[Scribus] Help for box with big quotation marks

Daniele kailed
Sun Oct 16 12:24:29 CEST 2005

Il 04:28, domenica 16 ottobre 2005, Christoph Sch?fer scrisse:
Hi Christoph,
> What you described as your solution seems perfectly reasonable, but
> from your description I can't see any better solution, unless you
> could be more specific.
This is the final result (more or less..):
> I also would like to direct your attention to the fact that page
> layout means a maximum of control on every aspect of page items.
> All the nice "auto-x" "auto-y" features you may be accustomed to from
> other software are mostly counterproductive in real world production
> scenarios.
Well, I dont'want auto-magical-features, but some help for repetitive 
task. Things usefull for magazines and books...

In this case I think that inline-graphics could help but I don't know 
how to use it!

Another problem in Scribus is that new features are not well documented 
so are hard to find/try/use..
How we can test things that we dont't know ?!?


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