[Scribus] Splitting up the properties palette? (was: scribus spin-box)

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Fri Oct 14 10:11:49 CEST 2005

Hi Gustavo,

>>And while I am at it: In case the properties palette can be saved, I
>>would like to suggest getting somehow back to the layout as it is in
>>1.2x with the respective items (X,Y,Z, Text etc.) on top of the palette.
>>This is much more effective and user friendly than the current layout,
>>at least in my personal view.

150 % agreed :-)

The eye having to travel up and down across the dialog to find the next 
subject is a bit ridiculous after some time. I cannot get used to know 
by heart where the next item will be. It would be much more practical to 
have them all collected at one place. Why not choose ordinary tabs like 
in so many programs, all aligned at the top of the dialogs?

And I would regret very much the palette being distributed to a number 
of single palettes.


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