[Scribus] Scribus migration project - issue list

Andreas Vox avox
Tue Oct 4 01:11:24 CEST 2005

Gustale Homen wrote:
> Dear all,
> We are migrating the DTP department of a publisher from
> QuarkXPress to Scribus. A new magazine is scheduled to be published in 
> a
> couple of weeks, and that will be the first one using Scribus 1.3.x.
> Some preparatory work has already been done, such as putting the people
> through Scribus trainning (about 12 hours) and developing a script to
> make Mandriva 2005 LE RPMs from Scribus CVS source in one go (btw, we 
> can
> share this if someone is interested). We are now using 1.3.1cvs.
> From that trainning we found some issues that we would like to share 
> with
> you. If someone has any hints how to work around them  or on if/when 
> they'll
> be available, it would be nice.
> We can open "bug/whish reports" for the ones you consider that have a 
> chance
> to be implemented. Most of the issues are related to usability and 
> "working
> speed" according to the users.

Sure, just go ahead.

> Here's part of that issue list:
> 1 - How can an image be scaled without using its properties window? The
> desired feature would be to scale it using the mouse by dragging one of
> its edges. Can this be done only through "Scale to frame size"?

Yes. You can make that the default in 

> 2 - Can an image be copied from one frame to another? Instead of doing 
> a
> "Get image" again.

Not sure. I think you can also just copy/paste the whole imageframe

> 3 - Is there a keyboard shortcut to change the font size? And to scale
> an image?
> 4 -  Is there some way to scale the text frames proportionally with 
> the text
> (as with ctrl+shift) but with the aspect ratio locked ? (useful for 
> change
> sizes without deforming)
> 5 - Can some sort of style box be created to avoid using the Editor all
> the time?
> 6 - Can we trigger "Get Picture" via a keyboard shortcut ?


I don't know about the other items but they should all be doable.


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