[Scribus] How teaching hyphenation?

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Nov 30 14:15:58 CET 2005

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>On Wednesday 30 November 2005 12:45, Eilert wrote:
>>  Hi Craig,
>>  Craig Bradney schrieb:
>>  > On Wednesday 30 November 2005 08:15, Eilert wrote:
>>  >>The other day, I found a hyphenation mistake (the first one I ever
>>  >>discovered in Scribus). One word was taken apart at the wrong place
>>  >>"Unterrichtss-toff" instead of "Unterrichts-stoff".
>>  >>
>>  >>Is there a way to "teach" the auto-hyphenation new words?
>>  >
>>  > Can you please test in OpenOffice.org too?
>>  Yes, you're right, OOo 2.0 makes the same mistake. It proposes three
>>  places in the word, and one of them is wrong: Un-ter-richtss-toff
>>  instead of Un-ter-richts-stoff.
>>  Well, but does this answer my question? The text was imported from OOo
>>  into Scribus, but Scribus ignores the hyphenation made by OOo, doesn't
>>  it. So the question remains, is there a way to define exceptions?
>No, there is not a way, but as we use OO.org files, this is where the error
>comes from.

This is an issue we're going to need to address anyhow, down the 
road. Is the Scribus Team in contact with OO.o devels as well? Let's 
face it: we will never ever get a hyphenation engine to achieve 
"perfect" hyphenation... (also considering the number of languages). 
There is a need for such a tool like "hyphenation exception". At the 
same time, there must also be a way to make the hyphenation engine to 
work better (in OO.o and in Scribus and anywhere else) without the 
help of the "exceptions". What I am saying is we have to work on both 
ends. It's clumsy, like in Quark, if we have to deal with so many 
exceptions that the list becomes endless.

Only a few thoughts.



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