[Scribus] Version Information

PLinnell mrdocs
Sun Nov 27 23:05:15 CET 2005

On Sunday 27 November 2005 20:02, russbucket wrote:
> On Saturday 26 November 2005 19:36, BandiPat wrote:
> > russbucket wrote:
> > > Will Scribus 1.2.3 for SuSE9.3 work on SuSE 10.0 or is the tar
> > > file better?
> >
> > -------
> > Russ,
> > There are already rpms available for Scribus 1.2.3 in SuSE 10.0. 
> > Been using it for a while now.
> >
> > Patrick
> were they on the Scribus site. The version that came with my DVD
> were 1.2.2. I do a search for them unless you happen to know a good
> place to get them.
> Thanks for the reply.

There are two separate 1.2.3 rpms for Scribus.

One is in provided in the supplementary downloads for Suse, which 
provides updated KDE, Gnome and other applications. This one however 
has a bug which has crept into the spec file causing some issues with 
printing. I am sure it will get fixed in the next build.


The second one is one built by me which varies only slightly in the 
way the rpm is built, not the functionality. These are gpg signed and 
match very closely the way the Suse rpms are built. (The Scribus 
packager for Suse has always been helpful and cooperative.)

This is the one you want:


Somehow the 10.0 rpms did not get uploaded to www.scribus.org.uk yet.



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