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Steven Boothe steven.boothe
Tue Nov 22 08:23:33 CET 2005

Pantone and free software
Monday November 21, 2005 (07:00 PM GMT)
By: Nathan Willis

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Over the years, I've observed that for every favorable review written 
about the GIMP or other free graphics applications, there is another 
review denouncing it as useless because "it doesn't support Pantone." 
Although I've accepted this is how the universe works, it's worth noting 
that the unfavorable articles are generally accompanied by some 
misconceptions about what Pantone is and isn't used for, and the 
legality of supporting it.

Misconceptions about the purpose and usage of Pantone are to be 
expected, since very few graphic designers are regular Linux users (much 
less coders). The legal issues, on the other hand, are probably kept 
intentionally murky by Pantone to discourage others from competing. 
Let's take a look at both.

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