[Scribus] How best to import a list and apply styles

Calum Polwart scribus
Mon Nov 21 21:05:13 CET 2005

OK, before I spend weeks expereimenting I thought I'd see if someone can 
suggest the best way to import a list:

The list will be a long list of members (think along the lines of your 
old paper phone directory) - name, address number etc.,.,.

The data will come to me in excel format (it did last year) so I can 
then do whatever might be appropriate with it - import to ooo-calc and 
the save to CSV, mail merge to ooo-writer etc...

Last year's directory was produced in MS Publisher (ouhc!)  and was 
mail-merged in, which works in Pub.  Scribus doesn't have mailmerge and 
I don't think it should - but how do I then achieve a layout like this:

*Name*    Address                           /Telephone No/
*Name*    Address                           /Telephone No
/*Name*    Address                           /Telephone No
/*Name*    Address                           /Telephone No

/For those reading in plain text that is:
<bold>[Name]</bold>    <tab>     [Address]       <tab>      
<italic>[Telephone No]</italic>

I've just checked with the editorial team and they are quite inistent 
that the in line formatting is needed.  (Otherwise a straight import 
from CSV would work!)

There would seem to be three options:
Import into Scribus and apply all the formatting by hand in scribus - 
which is a complete nightmare as this will wrap over several pages...
Import column by column - but if an address takes up two lines then 
everyhting goes out of kilter.
Import into another package - apply formatting and then import to 
scribus.  ooo-writer would be a good option (using mail-merge) - but 
then how can that be imported in and keep the formatting?

Anyone got any good ideas?


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