[Scribus] PRINTING Scribus books ?

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun Nov 20 23:59:34 CET 2005

stu seven wrote:
> OK - added the following:
> * It's worth adding; while LuLu does provide an on-site calculator,
> pricing on their booklet printing tends to be a little confusing. One
> factor is the [base price], different for any selected format of book_
> add to this a price-per-page cost (considerably different for color or
> black and white), and these together determine the basic cost for
> -EACH COPY- of the booklet printed... current example: 50 page, 8.5x11
> cost is $5.53 B&W /or/ $12.03 Color.
> * Further possible confusion may arise over what qualifies as a color
> or black and white book - for instance, an all text booklet would
> print nicely in black/and/white... but, adding one page with a color
> photo, this same will be charged as full color printing. By excluding
> any interior color photo, and adding a color cover, the booklet cost
> DOES NOT increase over basic black and white price. All this, to me,
> was a little confusing; and, this review may otherwise seem a little
> critical... still, LuLu is one of the fastest, friendliest, in fact,
> the -only- service I could find in U.S. which gives you options of
> stapled /or/ coil /or/ perfect binding for your booklet from Scribus
> PDF... very nice... couldn't touch this, cost or quality wise at the
> local copy shop, so I recommend it :)

I like the way it looks now, it's quite comprehensive... Let's hope 
others will follow suite and submit their well founded opinions about 
other proven friendly printers (Europe?).



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