[Scribus] Neutral Gray Separation of Imgs

joerg.pr at olivfabric.de joerg.pr
Sun Nov 20 23:42:46 CET 2005

J?rg Preisend?rfer | http://www.olivfabric.de


I searched the Scribus Docs and Wiki for discussion of the following issue
and also attempted to search the mailing list archives at
http://nsj.srem.pl/cgi-bin/search.cgi but this link appears to be dead.
So, if my question was answered here earlier pls. bear with me.

The issue / question is related to

- Scribus 1.2.3
- Little CMS
- GhostScript 7.07
- Fedora Core 3

I want to select separation of neutral grayscale images to either K or CMY
or CMYK channels via a given profile like ISO Coated 2004.

I set up a test document with a grayscale TIFF and PNG image and the
EPS-file version of the FOGRA 27M gray control wedge (see

When I use the print preview and toggle the CMYK checkboxes, the grayscale
images appear separated to the K-channel only, with no ink in the
CMY-channels. The parts of the gray control wedge are properly separated
to the respective channels. However, when I print to file, using the
"color if available" option and an ISO Coated 2004 output profile, the
grayscale images are build with full CMYK ink.

I systematically played with the color profiles and UCR and other dialogue
options but didn't succeed.

Do I need certain color profiles? Is there a switch on the backside of my
keyboard that I am missing? 

This feature is so frequently needed that I'm almost sure there's a red
button sitting on the Scribus GUI somewere right in front of my eyes, but
I just don't see it.

Your hints are greatly appreciated (as is your work on Scribus anyway)

( J?rg )


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