[Scribus] font/color menu quirk

Owen rcook
Sun Nov 20 11:45:46 CET 2005

Creolophus WC wrote:

> my problem is:
> when I select a textframe & open the Story Editor,
> I try to select a font (from my collection), the whole screen is
> filled up with the menu (list of fonts...with bold/italic/etc
> variations)
> moreover, the menu is not displayed fully ... which forces me to exit
> Story Editor & find another way to change the font
> same thing happens when i try to select a color --> half the menu
> fills up the screen & i cannot see/select from the other half

I think your work flow is wrong

Do not try and set the font and color in the Story editor.
Use the 'Paragraph styles' to do that...alternatively, after inserting
the text, right click, bring up the properties box, selext 'Text' and
make your choices there


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