[Scribus] PRINTING Scribus books ?

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sat Nov 19 15:32:50 CET 2005

stu seven wrote:
>      I would include LuLu on such a list, with the
> reservations I have noted already...primary among
> these is their output format.
>      If you want [book] printing, they are only starting
> to offer hardback again...their standard output is,
> as mentioned, something more like light index
> stock... more like restaurant menus... sporting
> event programs... like that... it's thicker than
> magazine covers, but less than a "penguin cover"...
> and, I have read there are some book oriented
> organizations which simply will not stock or
> shelve or whatever, such prints (apparently for
> this reason).
>      I like LuLu because they will print what I
> have in a PDF file, and give me back a booklet...
> that's enough for me_ but for "professional uses"
> you may have issues with what they offer.

Ok, I've just added Lulu to this list:


This is the first entry, so please review and refine it and add more 
stuff when necessary.



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