[Scribus] Required Versions of tkinter and python-imaging?

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Nov 18 16:15:38 CET 2005

Jean Ghali wrote:
>>>I'll mark Python as a recommended dependency on 2.4. Tcl/Tk will also
>>>be marked as recommended. This means that the install won't fail, but
>>>the user will be notified that they're missing something.
>>>What about on Windows or OS X? Are you planning to package Python?
>>>Thanks again for your help,
> Python will be packaged with the win32 installer.

Yeah... I think bundling Python is less of an issue on win32 - there's 
no authorative "system" version of Python to cause confusion ("but I've 
installed PyQt using apt, why doesn't it work in Scribus?"). 
Nonetheless, it'd be nice to let the user not install Python, or use a 
system install if it exists.

For example, if we supported a system Python install that'd simplify the 
use of things like the PyWin32 suite, PyQt, and so on. This would be 
useful for people who want to do more sophisticated scripting, such as 
talking to other apps with DCOM / ActiveX / COM+, building GUIs with 
their scripts, and so on. I expect this to be especially attractive on 
win32, where fewer people have a compiler toolchain, so advanced 
scripting will be more important.

That'll be especially true if Petr and/or I ever get a chance to enhance 
the scripter for more full coverage of Scribus's features, ideally by 
some semi-automated method.

As for how to bundle Python on win32, I'd argue that if Python is to be 
packaged with the Scribus installer, it might best be done by bundling 
an installer for a Python build. That way the Scribus installer can 
prompt the user "do you want to install <whatever Python>?" and exec the 
setup.exe for that Python installer.

That lets the user avoid installing it if they don't want it, and lets 
them use a system copy if there's one for a compatible version installed.

We can't distribute ActivePython, which is IMO the best build for win32, 
without specific permission from ActiveState. They might well be willing 
to give that permission, and bundling an ActivePython installer would 
IMO be an ideal solution.

Craig Ringer

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