[Scribus] PRINTING Scribus books ?

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Fri Nov 18 00:58:44 CET 2005

architetto francesco fantoni wrote:
> I suggest LULU as well ( http://www.lulu.com ), for small-run editions
> is ok, due to their lack of setup cost.
> I've made two booklets with them ( paperback and letter size, 70 pages,
> full color ) and it got printed very well, the pdf produced with scribus
> went perfectly in their workflow (just make sure to embed all the fonts,
> they don't do substitutions and your file would just turn out to be
> unprintable).
> For color books they use one of the best xerox digital printers, and the
> quality is really nice.
> They have many book sizes (6'x9', 8.5'x11', 9'x7' and a square one) and
> at present the only option is a soft cover, but i've read in their
> support forum that the hardcover option is going to be offered soon.
> Based on my experience i would suggest it.

judging by your and Stu's experience, Lulu  can handle Scribus made PDF 
files rather well: would you consider them good enough to be listed on 
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Scribus_Friendly_Print_Shops as a 
Scribus (PDF) Friendly Printshop? Could you perhaps provide some more 
details on what did you pay and for which services?

Lulu.com is an US company I guess (it's not very easy to find this info 
on their web page), do the others on the list know any comparable 
service providers on the European soil?



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