[Scribus] Docks vs. Windows

Brian Burger blurdesign
Mon Nov 14 07:34:01 CET 2005

On 11/13/05, Heimdall Midgard <heimdalle at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm just wondering what the opinion of the list is on having Scribus
> use docks instead of windows for its tools or "palettes".
> During a recent "job" (I wasn't paid for it), by far the most tedious
> part was having to constantly rearrange the windows to let me see the
> results of, say, adjusting the dimensions of a frame.
> I could imagine working with dockable palettes that would fold away
> when I click on their title bars (or a dedicated arrow button). If I
> want to access the palettes again, I just click on the corresponding
> "docked" tab.

If you're using Scribus in Gnome, there's a very cool little Gnome
trick I discovered last week: you can set Gnome up so that if you
double-click on the title bar of a window, it "rolls up" into the
title bar - and this works with all apps in Gnome, not just the
Gnome-native ones... so it works in Scribus, OOo, the GIMP, and

To enable it: System menu --> Preferences --> Windows, then switch
"Titlebar Action" from "Maximise" (the default) to "Roll Up". (NB this
is all in Gnome 2.12 in Ubuntu 5.10, not sure about other
distros/versions of Gnome) To re-open the window, just double-click on
the title bar again.

It's not quite as good as application-native docking, but it's still a
huge help in managing all the windows that some apps need open!


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