[Scribus] Getting rid of an "invisible" frame (out, out damn spot!) -- Success!

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Nov 13 20:56:34 CET 2005

frank gaude' wrote:

>Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>In the process a making a document, I must have inadvertently created an 
>>image frame that is so small I can't see it.
>>Everytime I go to print (and probably if I tried to make a PDF), I get 
>>an error that Image 29 on Page 4 is missing its image.
>>Manage Pictures in Extras doesn't seem to help me, and I can't find 
>>anyway to search and select the frame so I can delete it.
>>Anyone else figured this out?
>>The only thing I can think to do is to edit the .sla file directly.
>How about using "select all" from the Edit drop-down menu? That should show
>all the frames, even a very small one, and then you can delete just it.
Well, in this instance, this worked!  I wasn't looking forward to 
sifting through the .sla file and making sure I didn't delete too much 
or break the file.

It turned out this wasn't so small a frame after all. It was exactly 
underneath another frame, somewhat smaller, and all of its corners were 
inside the overlying frame (no idea how or when I made this frame). Now 
curiously, or maybe not, when View > Show Frames was activated, it did 
not show this frame outlined on the page.
I think perhaps it suggests something to be added to the Manage Pictures 
requester, so that images/frames might also be easily deleted.


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