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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Nov 8 14:53:24 CET 2005

>I am a beginner in DTP, and I have a problem. There is a book in Quark format,
>and I would like to export an another format, what Sribus can inport.
>Is there a progran, or another method, what I use to do?

In addition to Peter's answer, here are the nuts & bolts for picking 
up the elements from the Quark file and use them into Scribus.

Step one : In Quark, open your file. Go to Utility>Usage>Picture and 
check that all images are linked (that is, Quark knows where to find 
them). Link any image that doesn't have the status OK ("missing" or 
"modified" is bad). Once this is done, proceed to step two.

Step two : Go to File>Collect for output. This will gather in one 
folder the Quark file and will put the images into one folder within 
that folder. From then, it will be easy to re-import all images into 
the Scribus file.

Step three : Select the text (this can be repeated a number of times, 
depending upon how the text is linked, or not. You will have to 
proceed one text frame at a time or many linked text frames at a time 
{unless you use specific XTension}) and go to File>Save Text. There 
you will have the option to save into various formats (the list is 
short, though). I guess you will have to stick with ASCII to 
re-import directly into Scribus (but you will loose all formatting) 
or you can save to Word format and open that file into OpenOffice, 
re-save as an OpenOffice file, which in turn can be imported into 



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