[Scribus] PDF-related development

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Nov 7 21:47:41 CET 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:
> You might also be interested to know that Sourceforge.net runs Mac OS X 
> server systems in its compile farm. These are available for access by 
> developers on sf.net . While Mac OS X Server is certainly not the same 
> beast as Mac OS X, it's similar enough that doing builds on it might 
> well help you make sure your code at least compiles on Mac OS X. 

Small remark: on cf.sf.net, you have the choice between MacOSX versions 
10.1 and 10.2, that is, between vintages 2002 and 2003. The current 
MacOSX 10.4 has quite a few differences.


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