[Scribus] Importing OO2 Spreadsheet Graphs into Scribus

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Nov 3 19:40:24 CET 2005

Hi Julian,

Julian Robbins schrieb:

> Hi
> I'm struggling finding a good way of importing (as a vector preferably) 
> an OO2 spreadsheet graph into Scribus 1.2.3
> I can't cut and paste; I tried exporting just the graph as a SVG but 
> this seems to try and export the whole spreadsheet, which is far too 
> much for Scribus to cope with.
> I tried importing a OO2 created sxd file, but that doesn't seem to work 
> for me either, it won't import into Scribus at all.
> I really need a solution, otherwise I can't see I that I can convince 
> others where I work, that this is a better solution than simply copying 
> an pasting an MS Excel graph into MS Word and creating a PDF from there 
> !!! I really don't won't them to keep using MS Word to do DTP stuff in !!

Please have look here:


This should provide a working solution for you, since it should also 
work with spreadsheet graphs. Most important is the sequence Calc (Copy) 
-> Draw (Paste, SVG export) -> Inkscape (EPS export) -> Scribus.



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