[Scribus] a list in French

Le Tigre scribus
Thu Nov 3 12:07:36 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if it's possible, and also if it's good or not, to create a
french mailing-list.
I know a few contributors here that speak french: Louis first, but others (and
there are also Cedric G?my and Yves Ceccone who seem to be the first french
users of Scribus).
I'm going to use Scribus for a professional purpose, and a big project: a french
newspaper that we're creating, called "Le Tigre". It's an independant little
weekly-magazine (see the pdf, which is... in french, there:
We are going to be 3 ou 4 people using Scribus more or less every day (see an
example of 1 page made with Scribus there:
http://journal-letigre.com/LeTigre2_3v1_3-Page11.jpeg) - and the fact is that
speaking english is not our masterpoint. I allready made some questions on this
list, but I realize it's not very useful and that it's hard for me to be clear.
We are going to have many questions (and answers) about Scribus, and I was
thinking a mailing-lsit (or forum) in French could be good, for making Scribus
much known in french-speaking countries. But I don't know if it's bad to make a
different list, that's why I'm asking...
All your commentaries will be appreciate, and if the answer is yes, let me know
your suggestions (what kind of list, etc.).

Thank you


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