[Scribus] Page numbering revisited

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Nov 2 22:22:11 CET 2005

> I want to have the first page be a table of contents labeled as 'Page i'
> and then start numbering the second page as 'Page 1', etc.
> Any ideas?

In 1.3.2cvs, you can now do page numbering from any page to any page using the 
sequences of:
You can also set the start offset for each numbering section. (ie, setting 
offset of 3 in the a,b,c,... type will start that section at c)

eg you can have:
Page 0 (Cover) not showing a page number (the active setting)
Page 1-5 being numbered i-v
Page 6-20 being numbered 1-15
Page 21-25 being numbered A-E
Page 26 being numbered z
Page 27 being numbered ii
Page 28 (back cover) not showing a page number.

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