[Scribus] Adobe Reader License

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon May 30 20:51:56 CEST 2005

Hi Maciej,

To quote your answer to Marvin:

> Hi Marvin,
> well, the above licence clearly defines fonts as part of "the Software"
> and clearly forbids to use "the Software" with any other software. 

That's not correct. Here is the relevant part from Adobe Reader 
Distribution Agreement again:


"Restrictions. You may not bundle the Software with any (a) other 
software, plug-in or enhancement which uses or relies upon the Software 
when converting or transforming SVG or PDF files into other file formats 
(e.g., a PDF file into a JPEG, SVG or TIFF file, or an SVG file into a 
JPEG, PDF, PNG or SWF file), (b) plug-in software not developed in 
accordance with the Adobe Integration Key License Agreement, or (c) 
other software or enhancement that uses Inter Application Communication 
(IAC) to programmatically interface with the Software for the purpose of 
(i) creating a file that contains data (e.g., an XML or comments file), 
(ii) saving modifications to a PDF file or (iii) rendering a PDF file in 
such other software's application window."

(a), from a scribus point of view is quite crazy: You can use the fonts 
(software) in an SVG (inkscape) or PDF (scribus), but you are not 
permitted to convert the file to another format (PS, PNG whatever). 
That's at least how I understand it.

(b) irrelevant in this context

(c) probably irrelevant, unless IAC is a general term

This morning, I received an answer from Adobe Germany to my request and 
they sent me the German distribution agreement, but it was the one for 
AR 6. Under this license agreement you are not allowed to distribute AR 
with other software that can create PDFs, unless the software is from Adobe!

But I checked http://www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/acrrdistribute.html 
today. The license for AR 7 is mostly the same (at least with respect to 
restrictions) as the current English version, *BUT* "software" is 
defined as "the latest version of Adobe Reader provided for download by 
Adobe from http://www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/readstep2.html". Fonts 
are not included in the defintion.

Confusion anybody?

I return to my earlier suggestion to file a written request with Adobe 
(dead tree version) and ask for written and signed permission (dead tree 


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