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Cezio Statkiewicz cezio
Sat May 28 16:17:10 CEST 2005

Dnia pi?tek, 27 maja 2005 15:50, Scott A Phipps napisa?/a:

> Hello,

> I don't believe there is a way do what you are doing in scribus 1.2,
> though I believe some of that may change in 1.3 by the time it is
> stable. I wrote an automated ID generation script and just created 
> element for each card, instead of trying to copy the layout over to 
> one. The script I came up with is on the scribus download page if you
> want to take a look at how I did it.

 Nice script, but very unflexible. I've rewrote mine (with a bit of 
inspiration from your script), to make possible use of any amout of 
elements on the ID card (and control it's position) and to put as many 
ID's on one page, as possible.
 Comments and improvements are welcome:)



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