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frank gaude' tanzen
Wed May 25 17:13:31 CEST 2005

Tobias Hilbricht wrote:

>Am Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2005 05:16 schrieb frank gaude':
>>>GIMP and Inkscape are 
>>>marching at an impressive pace, but when it comes to printing, they
>>>are useless without scribus and/or Photoshop and Acrobat.
>>>As much as I admire the progress of FOSS, there are still lots of
>>>pieces to add to a seamless Open Source publishing workflow (think
>>>about job tickets, software like pitstop etc.)
>Quark, PageStream, Viva and other applications also take PhotoShop as 
>Standard; PitStop, too - 
>colourspace indication for example works just with PhotoShop-images. Why not 
>using PhotoShop (which runs in Version 6 and 7 with CrossOver under Linux, 
>when it comes to images meant for printing. For RGB-Images Gimp is already 
>ok, for CMYK perhaps some day).
>>Even now Adobe has
>>raised the bar so high, with CS2 and Bridge between InDesign, Photoshop
>>and their other programs, that others will likely never catch up.
>Nevertheless there are biotopes for other applications as well, if there is 
>good (preferentially printed) documentation, a vivid community and a good, 
>usable interface. Scribus is already very usable for suitable projects.
Usability and quick work flow is what the professional is seeking. Linux 
is at a disadvantage because of the way the packages are designed and 
created. With a more structured approach things could change, but I 
don't see it happening because of philosophy of Open Source. Apple and 
Microsoft are rigidly structured and Adobe is also resulting in what we 
see with CS2, the killer suite for graphic design and publishing, web or 

Now, for many projects that are not squeezed for time, Scribus, GIMP and 
Inkscape will do the job. Will they ever be used in the Enterprise, who 
can say, but such is the goal of many.

The GUI of InDesign is a model I would suggest, but I'm biased coming 
from using Adobe products since 1988.

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