[Scribus] Scribus installation under the home directory

Craig Ringer craig
Wed May 25 05:37:02 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 18:46 -0700, Asif Lodhi wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to install Scribus in /home/my-user-name/bin/Scribus
> directory in my own normal user account (I want to keep the OS intact)
> on my Fedora Core 3 using appropriate prefixes.  However, in order to
> install some related software such as GSView, GhostScript or PS2Edit
> (I can't recall the exact version), I need to install ZLib and JPEG
> libraries as well.

You shouldn't need to ; just install the -devel RPMs for them that come
with Fedora Core 3. You'll need libart, libtiff, and a few others too -
they're listed in the 1.3cvs BUILDING file but I haven't got around to
building a similar list for 1.2.2cvs yet.

> My problem is:  how GhostScript, PS2Edit, GSView
> (or any software needing ZLib and/or JPEG to configure/
> make/make-install itself properly) are going to find the libraries
> that I have configure/make / make-installed in my own home directory
> (/home/my-user-name/lib/Zlib, /home/my-user-name/lib/jpeg).

Use --with-extra-libs and --with-extra-includes and/or set your CPATH,
LIBRARY_PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH to include those directories.
Pretty sure I documented that in the 1.3 BUILDING file too.


> I understand this is not directly related to Scribus but I would
> certainly be thankful if anyone of you could tell me how to install
> Scribus-related libraries (ZLib, JPEG, etc) under a tree in my own
> home directory.

I'd recommend sticking to the stock zlib, libjpeg, etc. They're
perfectly good and probably haven't changed much. I've done what you
describe when I was running Scribus 1.2.x on Red Hat 8 - it wasn't fun,
and I'm *way* happier now that I can run it on a modern system.

Craig Ringer

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