[Scribus] Collect a serie of scanned image into one pdf document

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 25 00:42:28 CEST 2005

Khiraly wrote:

>Is it a possibility to collect many jpeg image into one scribus
>I have scanned some paper, and now I want to make a .pdf file from it (I
>have retouched those image with gimp).
>I have 98 .jpeg file, from 0001.jpg to 0098.jpg. 
>Is there an option for it? Or maybe a python script?
>How the others solve this problem?
Attached is my script -- it should work with either 1.2.x or 1.3.x 
versions of Scribus.

You need to have all of your images in one directory, and only the ones 
that you want to include -- in other words, once you enter the directory 
and select "jpg", *all* the JPEG files in that directory will be 
incorporated into your document (this script is identifying by the 
filename extension -- only ".jpg" will work with this version).  You 
must execute this from inside Scribus (Script > Execute Script), but the 
file scribalbuma4.py can be anywhere.
When you execute, you will see a requestor in which you enter the 
directory where your images are located (I would recommend using an 
absolute path).  JPEG is the only default selection -- you can add 
others.  Click OK.  Various parts of Scribus (such as toolbars) will 
blink -- this is Ok (this will take a while with 98 images, but I've 
done a *lot* more than that.  Finally you will see a message, "Now click 
the X in the upper right corner of this window", at which point kill 
that little frame, and then Scribus will display your newly created 
This will create a new document (A4 paper), with 8 images on a page.  It 
will also create labels for the pictures and a label with the name of 
the directory at the top of each page.

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