[Scribus] ligatures in Scribus

Janusz Prendota afila
Tue May 24 17:06:03 CEST 2005

> how does this substitution with ligatures work in
> InDesign, automatically while filling text frames with
> text, or by explicitely launching a special menu
> option?

By default the
Use ligatures field should be checked on in the setup menu..

In InDesign I can switch on, off or even use some very special semi ligatures 
glyphs if they are in  the font. 
It should be reversible. I have to see the diferrences betwen designs and 
after seeing deciding what is best. 
Hmm however automatically using the ligatures is almoust every time better... 
Its designed for this.
Anyway, thats propagating the right attitude between Scribus users;}
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