[Scribus] MacOS native version

Craig Ringer craig
Tue May 24 08:28:09 CEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-05-23 at 08:35 +0200, Fabrizio Levati wrote:
> Sorry to bother you with such an issue but I'm trying to find some
> kind of information about troubles I experience trying to build the
> native MacOS version of Scribus. If this is not the right place to
> look for, please just let me know...

You might find it easier to try Andreas Vox's pre-alpha developer builds
of Scribus 1.3 for MacOS/X. You can download the current build from the
downloads section on www.scribus.net. There is a link from the wiki page
with the native build instructions, too.

Testing and feedback on the pre-alpha MacOS/X native builds would be
much appreciated, but they are VERY far from being ready for "real
work". There's lots more to do before it becomes a well-behaved, stable
native app. Scribus 1.3 isn't yet suitable for production, and the
MacOS/X port of Scribus 1.3 is even less so.

> Following the instructions I found on the wiki pages I get some errors
> during "make" and I'm not able to figure out what is happening
> htmlreader.cpp:582: error: too many initializers for `htmlSAXHandler' 

The previous half-page or so of errors etc would be useful. The /first/
error is usually the important one, and later ones can be misleading.
The output from the very last error line back up to the last line with
"g++" in it would do nicely.

It'd also be good if you could provide some info on the version of
libxml2 you have installed, and where it's from (fink, fink unstable,

Craig Ringer

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