[Scribus] scribus on cd

Graham Monk gdmonk
Mon May 23 18:08:01 CEST 2005

On Sunday 22 May 2005 12:42, SJP wrote:
> Dear Everyone,
> is Scribus available on CD!!?
> I do not have a DVD-Drive and cannot install scribus from the DVD
> SuSE has provided(SuSE Prof. 9.2)
> suren
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> I have had enough spams
> Please post your reply to the following  bharatiyaATonlinehomeDOTDe
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If you go to YAST>ChangeSourceOfInstalation>Add

Select http 
mirror.mcs.anl.gov ?    ? ? then ? ?      ?pub/suse/i386//9.3/

This will give you access to all the stuff that isn't on the

If you want other stuff not supplied by SUSE try these

 packman.iu-bremen.de             then          suse/9.3

 ftp.gwdg.de ?         then        ?pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm///9.3/


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