[Scribus] Re: Printing tabloid in A4

frank gaude' tanzen
Wed May 18 23:57:46 CEST 2005

Hello, folks!

Coming from a very high powered Adobe, Canon, design and printing 
environment, I've had to temper what to expect from the Open Source 
Linux DTP arena, at least for the time being.

It will take some time before Scribus gets up to the speed of an 
InDesign CS, PageMaker 6.5, or a QuarkExpress, in terms of features and 
ease of use. The program is getting mature and the programmers are 
certainly moving in the right direction. I believe in another year or 
two Scribus will take a backseat to nothing out there today.

So let us use Scribus for what it can do, offer priorities, and upgrade 
as the new stable versions come out.

Thanks to all who support Open Source.


Asif Lodhi wrote:

>Hi Daniele,
>AFAIK, you can't.  
>You can certainly import your A4 page (File/Import) in a freshly
>created tabloid-size document and then re-position the content to the
>I think there can be simply too many variations and taking care of all
>that stuff would divert the developers' focus from the primary task of
>improving the DTP features.  These are just my opinions!
>On 5/18/05, Daniele <kailed at kailed.net> wrote:
>>Hi, I don't know if this is Scribus issue or driver issue but how to 
>>print tabloid page in A4 page ?
>>There's no "fit-to-page" or "scaling" option for my print (Epson C62) :(
>>	Daniele

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