[Scribus] Re: EPS integration trouble

Andreas Vox vox
Wed May 18 04:19:13 CEST 2005

Joh wrote:

> Well, that doesn't make sense: gv, which is using ghostscript as well
> (as far as me amateur can tell) just shows my eps perfectly - so I'm
> doubting that's where the problem is?

First: gv does *not* render your eps at 300dpi full size, that would be 
at 400% on your monitor.

The problem with PDF files is that they can't contain eps-files -- 
those have to be rasterized (bad idea for large images, s.a.) or 
converted. Scribus converts eps files to its own format on import, with 
the added benefit that you can edit the images in Scribus. This import 
isn't perfect, but the later export to PDF is lossless.

What you propose is keeping the eps in scribus and doing the conversion 
when the PDF is generated. That would mean again either rasterizing or 
conversion. The way it is now you have to decide this on import: either 
create an imageframe or use "import eps".

You can trust Peter that there's nothing to track down. IMHO, the UI 
could be improved, tho.
I'm not sure why Peter recommended to import into a separate Scribus 
doc. If that is really necessary, there is of course room for 


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