[Scribus] EPS integration trouble

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed May 18 01:20:31 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 00:26, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Thank you, this works. I think however, that this is a suboptimal
> solution. Having the "real" eps as a background would make it much
> easier to update the poster when I change the drawing. This should
> be fixed (whether this is a problem of Inkscapes output routine or
> Scribus' import). Is any developer reading this and what might I do
> to help tracking this down?

What is important to note by this you are importing EPS > native 
Scribus vectors. When imported, these vectors are grouped. You can 
easily scale and move this on the canvas.

Un-group and you can edit them right in Scribus. Scribus is unique in 
this ability as far as I know. 

Rasterizing them as an image @ 300 dpi would require in the area of 
2.1Gb for the EPS alone, re-export would require even more memory.

Nothing to track down. We need to add the ability to import and link 
vector eps files in the same way we do with images - not trivial 
given the various ways EPS are created *and* widely variable quality 
of EPS. Hence, we rely on Ghostscript to do the EPS 
parsing/rasterizing. This is one of the major reasons we emphasize 
having the most updated Ghostscript possible. 


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