[Scribus] EPS integration trouble

PLinnell mrdocs
Tue May 17 19:21:50 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 17 May 2005 18:21, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to scribus and somewhat perplexed by this problem I have
> ... I'm trying to create a poster for a Scientific conference (1m x
> 2m) using scribus. Using inkscape I have prepared a background
> image which is supposed to frame the poster. Export to eps and
> import into my template in scribus seem to work fine (looks ok on
> the screen), but when looking at "Print Preview", the eps is
> present twice: once in the right position and once mirrored to
> that. Another issue is that scribus crashed every time I'm trying
> to export the whole thing to pdf ...
> I can convert the eps to pdf using epstopdf and then the preview
> works, but I have the impression to loose some of the output
> quality ...
> Can anybody help me out with what's going on her?
> Thanks, Joh

It works perfectly here with both 1.3.0cvs and 1.2.2cvs (soon to be 
1.2.2 stable)

If you import this as an image, you are more than likely to crash as 
you run out of memory on export.

Which distro and which version of Scribus ?


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