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Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat May 14 19:45:03 CEST 2005

> I have to say that I am concerned that, from my assessment of various
> Scribus-list messages, there is no plan envisioned for any capability
> for Scribus versions 1.2x or below to be able to handle >1.3x files; not
> even conversion utilities.  I can understand that there are features of
> 1.3x and beyond that do not correspond to prior versions, but the result
> is that at some point anything <1.3x will suddenly be crippled.  One
> then must worry that at some point advanced versions will then not be
> able to load anything <1.3x.

Once the file format is stable, we dont think you will want to use 1.2.2 
anymore. For my projects I will be moving to 1.3.0cvs from now on, now that I 
see most of the bugs I come across are gone. You dont see many, if any, 
closed or open apps having import filters for future versions.

If you create a doc in 1.3, why would you want to even open it in 1.2.x? Yes, 
at some point, even now, 1.2.2 can not load 1.3.0 docs, and theres no reason 
for it to be able to do so. Theres no reason to even load a 1.3.x doc in 
1.2.x, just use 1.3.x, if you want to.

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