[Scribus] XML format used in Scribus

Marvin Dickens marvindickens
Sat May 14 18:43:07 CEST 2005


Is the XML format used in version 1.3 stable or will it change/evolve more 
before version 1.4 is released? Also, what is the possibility it will 
change/evolve again as development versions 1.5/1.6 progresses?

The reason I am asking is that we want the ability to massage Scribus 
Documents in their native XML format and I do not want to reinvent the 
wheel with every new release.

This is important to us regarding centain applications we want to use Scibus 
in. We are grateful for Scribus and all of the hard work the developers have
put into the product. Further, forethought on the part of the developers, 
including architectural decisions such as XML as the native file format for 
Scribus documents has, in our opinion, created a killer app.   

Best regards

Marvin Dickens

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