[Scribus] Re: PDF/X-3 Option 'Disabled'

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 11 04:25:35 CEST 2005

Asif Lodhi wrote:

>I have already visited wiki (for help only, albeit) and, after reading
>your post, again visited wiki but I don't see anything telling me how
>to upload the text so that it gets linked in the HOW-TO category.  I
>also created an account but I don't see how I can upload a page.  I
>have to shamefully admit that I know absolutely _nothing_ about wikis
>in general!
My suggestion: dive in!

I have transferred much of your email to a new page under "Tips and 
Tricks" on the Main page.  You have to be logged in to edit.

So, under "Tips and Tricks", click on your "Installing Little CMS and 
configuring Scribus to use it" which will take you to "your" page.  Look 
for a tab at the top of the page that says "edit", click on that and 
you're editing.  Play around. Preview what you've done. Check out other 
pages (by going to them and clicking edit) for clues on how to format, 
make headings, links, whatever.  You can pretty much do anything on a 
wiki you can do with HTML, but the commands are a bit different.  If you 
don't feel comfortable or don't like what you've done, don't save it.  
You can't "hurt" the wiki by making mistakes -- perfect opportunity to 
learn from them.


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