[Scribus] Bookmarks

Barry barry-m
Tue May 10 10:01:34 CEST 2005


I have just installed Scribus V 1.2.1, build-id 08-01-2005 C-C-T from 
the recent Mandriva distribution. My box is a Duron 1.8g with 256 meg 
ram, 64meg being for video. This is my first use of Scribus - its 
brilliant but.....

Is there a fault in the handling of bookmarks in this distro? I am 
experiencing 2 problems.

1.	 I can set a number of bookmarks - say 5 but on trying to alter or 
delete one, another will disappear from the bookmarks panel. The text 
frame involved  is still shown as being a pdf bookmark.

2.	I have a file with 5 bookmarks which have been exported to pdf and 
view correctly in Acroread 7 for linux. I then add another bookmark and 
export again but find no bookmarks are showing. I have traced the 
problem to 1 particuar page in my document and have tried deleting and 
reinserting that page without fixing the problem. The bookmark appears 
in the .sla file.

As the document includes a lot of photos the thought occurs that I may 
not have enough memory. Thumbnails and links work ok

Any ideas please.


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