[Scribus] Fonts

Thomas Hühn huehn-ml
Thu May 5 10:24:57 CEST 2005


I have put some fonts (Type 1) into ~/.fonts (so I have ~/.fonts/Type 
1/Bergamo/* for example). Openoffice finds them and Scribus does so, 
too. After a fashion...

If I insert a text frame and edit its contents, I have this selection of 
fonts on the top. Bitstream Charter Bold to Cursor Regular. Obviously 
these are not all of the available fonts.

If I use "Einstellungen - Schriftart" (sorry, German version) I see all 
the installed fonts and can select them.

In "Einstellungen - Schriftarten" in the main window there are also only 
those few fonts available.

I'm really not sure, whether putting those fonts into subfolders of 
~/.fonts is correct, but since Openoffice finds them and Scribus finds 
them too (if only in an inconvenient way), I wonder what I have to do.


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