[Scribus] Problem importing a specific EPS

Claudius Wettstein claudius.wettstein
Wed May 4 23:06:03 CEST 2005

Hi all,

these days I had to redo a job that was formerly done with an old 
QuarkXPress by a collegue. I was to import an EPS containig music, 
produced by Acrobat AFAIK,  into a little song booklet. So I took 
this EPS to import it into a frame, and all I got was

Fatal Error
Fehler beim Importieren der Datei

(Error while importin file)

This error occures no matter which gs-version is used, I 've updated 
to 8.51 to see if this might be the solution. But unfortunately, had 
no luck. gv is showing this EPS properly.

Does anybody have some hint? For your "convenience" (if you are 
willing to help..) I am attaching the EPS-file.

Thanks in advance, and, by the way, nevertheless, scribus is a really 
great program.

Cheers, Claudius

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