[Scribus] ANNOUNCE String Freeze Scribus 1.2.2

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed May 4 11:28:16 CEST 2005

Hi all,

A stable 1.2.2 is on the way. 

We've now frozen all strings in the code and translators are urged to 
update to the latest cvs of 1.2.2 or you can use the 1.2.2 snapshots 
available here:


gpg signature:


For those non-translators, any help with bug reporting would be 
helpful. Our focus at the moment is not adding new features to 1.2.2, 
but making it as stable, correct and bug-free as possible.

A. When its done.. Hopefully in the next few weeks.
Q. When will you release 1.2.2 ?


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