[Scribus] templates and templates

Riku Leino tsoots
Wed May 4 02:58:24 CEST 2005

Phil Hughes <fyl at a42.com> wrote:
> Almost. :-) I am still confused with the page templates. I see normal
> as my choice and it seems I can clone it, append to it (which seems to
> do nothing) and delete it. But, I then just see normal or some
> derivitive as the choice. I feel like I am doing something very simple
> wrong here as the concepts fit fine and now that I have the
> distinction I feel like there is very little missing.

You should also see "New". Click it. Then give name to your template edit it 
(draw a black square or something to the page) and click close. Now you can 
apply your just created "master page" to any of your document's pages by 
opening the page palette and dragging your template to the pages where you 
want to apply it.
"Append" will append "master pages" from another document. So it won't do 
anything if you don't have any master pages created in the doc from where 
you're appending.

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