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Phil Hughes fyl
Tue May 3 23:38:56 CEST 2005

On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 11:18:12PM +0200, PLinnell wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 May 2005 22:44, Phil Hughes wrote:
> > I used to think I was the only one confused here but I now know
> > there are at least three of us. So, let me just ask here. I have a
> > feeling the answer is something that will unconfuse a lot of
> > people.
> >
> > We are working on a magazine layout. In terms of what I remember
> > from Quark (haven't used it in over 10 years) you have:
> >  * Document template
> >  * Master pages
> > It sounds like Scribus has these capabilities but, today, they are
> > both called templates. But, the more I play the less I understand.
> > So, let me define what I want to do. I am guessing a one-paragraph
> > answer will get me pointed in the right direction.
> >
> > The magazine has some document-wide characteristics such as page
> > size, margines, page numbers and other standard footer information.
> > That, to me, sounds like document template info.
> >
> > Within the magazine, there are various sections. For sake of
> > argument, let's call them news, and entertainment. Within each of
> > those sections you have four or more types of pages:
> >  * First page of the section (this is also the first page of the
> > first article but differs because of a bigger section heading). *
> > First page of subsequent articles.
> >  * Last page of an article (slightly different column layout to
> >    add an author bio).
> >  * Intermediate article pages (just text frames with no space for
> >    a special header or anything). There could be 2-column and
> > 3-column versions.
> >
> > I would call these master pages--that is four or so per section
> > type times the number of sections.
> >
> > Assuming I am not wacko in thinking that is the way to do
> > something, how do you really make such a document? With New From
> > template and save as template in the File menu, apply template in
> > the Page menu, Templates in the Edit menu and probably some other
> > stuff, I am quite confused.
> >
> > Thanks.
> Hi,
> In Scribus terms:
> Page Template = Master Page = a static page background 
> To add these to a page or set of pages you "apply" them. You can also 
> create/delete new pages and re-order them via the Pages Palette with 
> drag and drop. You can also use the Page Palette to directly navigate 
> within a doc.
> Note you cannot directly edit the items which are in a page template 
> on the canvas, only when edit the Page Template directly.
> Document Templates are documents pre-populated with whatever arbitrary 
> object you wish. These objects are fully editable on the canvas. The 
> only difference between a regular document and a document template is 
> there is an accompanying xml file which gives the description info 
> for the file. 
> You might want to download the extra templates if you have not an 
> experiment with them.
> Hope that helps,
> Peter

Almost. :-) I am still confused with the page templates. I see normal
as my choice and it seems I can clone it, append to it (which seems to
do nothing) and delete it. But, I then just see normal or some
derivitive as the choice. I feel like I am doing something very simple
wrong here as the concepts fit fine and now that I have the
distinction I feel like there is very little missing.


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