[Scribus] templates and templates

Phil Hughes fyl
Tue May 3 22:44:32 CEST 2005

I used to think I was the only one confused here but I now know there
are at least three of us. So, let me just ask here. I have a feeling
the answer is something that will unconfuse a lot of people.

We are working on a magazine layout. In terms of what I remember from
Quark (haven't used it in over 10 years) you have:
 * Document template
 * Master pages
It sounds like Scribus has these capabilities but, today, they are
both called templates. But, the more I play the less I understand. So,
let me define what I want to do. I am guessing a one-paragraph answer
will get me pointed in the right direction.

The magazine has some document-wide characteristics such as page size,
margines, page numbers and other standard footer information. That, to
me, sounds like document template info.

Within the magazine, there are various sections. For sake of argument,
let's call them news, and entertainment. Within each of those
sections you have four or more types of pages:
 * First page of the section (this is also the first page of the first
   article but differs because of a bigger section heading).
 * First page of subsequent articles.
 * Last page of an article (slightly different column layout to
   add an author bio).
 * Intermediate article pages (just text frames with no space for
   a special header or anything). There could be 2-column and 3-column

I would call these master pages--that is four or so per section type
times the number of sections.

Assuming I am not wacko in thinking that is the way to do something,
how do you really make such a document? With New From template and
save as template in the File menu, apply template in the Page menu,
Templates in the Edit menu and probably some other stuff, I am quite

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