[Scribus] word wrap

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue May 3 03:57:20 CEST 2005

Bart Alberti wrote:

> speaking of double spaces, a problem addressed in LaTex with the 
> chooice of 'french' spacing or 'english,' there is another problem 
> similar to it: I mean 'italic correction' where the italic or oblique 
> font is so extreme that is abuts the next character. There is a manual 
> way of correcting that and the right use of {\em stuff} or 
> \textit{stuff}. I gather scribus just puts fonts next to fonts. It may 
> to just too much to try to correct. The Tex justication algorithm is 
> said to be better than anything else around, too. Perhaps a 'nudge' 
> 'extension' or widget like the Quark ones or a kerning adjustment is 
> what is needed. Opinions of the list?

I've just reviewed Tex spacing, and it's quite complex. Aside from the 
interletter, interword, and intersentence spacing (all of which can need 
tweaking), there is also allowance for a period after a capital letter, 
which is treated as an abbreviation rather than the end of a sentence, 
so you have to tell Tex when it is the end of a sentence (\@).  Plus 
there is a way (\,) to add tiny bits of space manually when needed.

In a way this all gets pretty far from my original contention, that to 
be consistent: fully justified lines should not begin or end with 
spaces, right justified lines should not end in spaces, and left 
justified lines should not begin with spaces, typographical errors or none.


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