[Scribus] word wrap

Bart Alberti bart
Tue May 3 00:02:28 CEST 2005

speaking of double spaces, a problem addressed in LaTex with the chooice 
of 'french' spacing or 'english,' there is another problem similar to 
it: I mean 'italic correction' where the italic or oblique font is so 
extreme that is abuts the next character. There is a manual way of 
correcting that and the right use of {\em stuff} or \textit{stuff}. I 
gather scribus just puts fonts next to fonts. It may to just too much to 
try to correct. The Tex justication algorithm is said to be better than 
anything else around, too. Perhaps a 'nudge' 'extension' or widget like 
the Quark ones or a kerning adjustment is what is needed. Opinions of 
the list?

Bart Alberti

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