[Scribus] My first impressions of 1.3

Wesley Allen wezlo
Mon May 2 20:13:43 CEST 2005

j Mak wrote:

>First, I would like to congratulate to the developers
>for creating such a great product. 1.3 development
>version is already world class. It is more intuitive
>and cleaner than Quark. I installed it on my Ubuntu
>box and so far, everything has been working. (I have
>been using it for three days) Currently, I am
>evaluating it from the usability point of view and I
>find it  more user-friendly than Qark. But I think its
>color management could be improved. I got an idea
>which is not even my own but taken it from Macromedia
>Freehand, which is my favorite vector drawing
>application. In Freehand there is separate window for
>storing user created colors. When I create a custom
>color using either the color picker or modify an
>existing color swatch, a small window pops up asking
>me what do I want to do with the color, save as RGB,
>CMYK or Spot color. I pick the model and the color is
>saved. In addition, Freehand's swatch dialog not only
>lists custom colors and their names but also their
>color schema, either in RGB, CMYK or Spot mode,
>depending on the color model the user chooses. For
>instance, a green color shows the appropriate icon,
>the name of the color and the schema in the form of
>C=89%, M=5%, Y=79%, K=12%. The same applies for RGB
>and Spot colors. A similar feature could be easily
>adopted for Scribus. Just split the color swatch
>window horizontally and allocate the lower part for
>custom colors. This window could permit drag and drop
>functionality allowing users to drag default swatches
>from the color set or from the color picker. This
>dialog also would let users to save a color as RGB,
>CMYK or spot colors. I think these are extremely
>useful features and implementing them would make
>scribus awesome.
Hey, what development packages did you install to get it compile 
cleanly?  I haven't tried yet but am about to and that would save me a 
LOT of time!


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