[Scribus] My first impressions of 1.3

j Mak joz_mak
Sun May 1 19:36:33 CEST 2005

First, I would like to congratulate to the developers
for creating such a great product. 1.3 development
version is already world class. It is more intuitive
and cleaner than Quark. I installed it on my Ubuntu
box and so far, everything has been working. (I have
been using it for three days) Currently, I am
evaluating it from the usability point of view and I
find it  more user-friendly than Qark. But I think its
color management could be improved. I got an idea
which is not even my own but taken it from Macromedia
Freehand, which is my favorite vector drawing
application. In Freehand there is separate window for
storing user created colors. When I create a custom
color using either the color picker or modify an
existing color swatch, a small window pops up asking
me what do I want to do with the color, save as RGB,
CMYK or Spot color. I pick the model and the color is
saved. In addition, Freehand's swatch dialog not only
lists custom colors and their names but also their
color schema, either in RGB, CMYK or Spot mode,
depending on the color model the user chooses. For
instance, a green color shows the appropriate icon,
the name of the color and the schema in the form of
C=89%, M=5%, Y=79%, K=12%. The same applies for RGB
and Spot colors. A similar feature could be easily
adopted for Scribus. Just split the color swatch
window horizontally and allocate the lower part for
custom colors. This window could permit drag and drop
functionality allowing users to drag default swatches
from the color set or from the color picker. This
dialog also would let users to save a color as RGB,
CMYK or spot colors. I think these are extremely
useful features and implementing them would make
scribus awesome.


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