[Scribus] Main Thrust of Scribus

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon May 2 16:53:01 CEST 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:

>On Sun, 2005-05-01 at 11:29 -0700, frank gaude' wrote:
>>What is the main purpose of Scribus, i.e., what area of DTP, page 
>>layout, newsletters, books, etc., is it being pointed?    
>I'm not sure there's really a particular "purpose" that Scribus is aimed
>at / for . I know various contributors have their own focuses and
>viewpoints, though - for example, I have a real interest in more text
>heavy documents, automation, collaboration, and newspaper layouts.  
You are saying Scribus is moving forward without a plan?

I would wish for it to be a full-up page layout program with the ability 
to have full-feature drop shadows on all objects, text, frames, etc. The 
way it is now is okay but with shadows would do it for me.

I await all the enhancements of the future releases.

Thanks for your reply.

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